It is not hard to see why Takuya is so popular among the lady customers in CLEO. Other than his smouldering good looks and fun-loving personality, Takuya is also extremely good at haircut and hair colours! Just take a look at the hair colours he designed for his customers in the style catalog and you’ll know what we are talking about. Whether it is pastel, ash or vivid hair colours, he knows exactly what colours to mix in to bring out the style you are looking for; pastel for the cool and sassy, ash for the stylish professional and perhaps a hint of pink and blue for the vivacious. Of course, if you have a style in mind, do let him take a look so that he can help you recreate the style you are looking for!
For those interested, Takuya comes from a family of stylists and has also won awards for Haircut back in Japan!
Takuya is also quite fluent in English so it is rather easy to enjoy a relaxing weekend afternoon with him while getting your hair done!

Note that Takuya is off every Thursday!

instagram : takuyaxtakuya