RYO Hairstylist

Having a stylist mom inspired Ryo to take up hairdressing since young. 8 years ago, he pursued his dream and worked in top hair salons in Tokyo before descending into Singapore a year ago.
His personality and training makes Ryo particularly precise in his hair services; whether it is bob / pixie cuts or complicated hair braiding, his creations stand out for being beautifully symmetrical and skillful. We see this even in his hair colours; he will apply different colours with an intended style in mind such that the colours show a different side to yourself when braided properly!
With his tremendous skill and shy charm, it is not difficult to see why Ryo has been rather popular among bloggers as well!
By the way, Ryo is sufficiently fluent in English so it is not difficult to converse with Ryo or understand his hair advice!

Note that Ryo is off every Thursday!

instagram : ryocleo